Is BrewPastors For Me?

(The short answer is, "yes!")

I could just use someone to listen.

I want to get involved in helping others.

I just like beer.

What if the answers to all of life’s problems could be found at the bottom of your next beer?

Sure, the beer’s great… we can vouch for that! But, the answers - well, they just aren’t there. We know because we’ve looked. What you really need, when you’re tapped out, is a clear path forward. We’ve been there too. Everyone (including BrewPastors) go through tough times. Life can be hard - real hard.

Whatever it is that’s weighing you down (sickness, death, divorce, job loss)—we’re here for you. When you’re tired, frustrated, confused, sad, or just sense something is missing in life—we’re here for you. When you’re wondering if you have what it takes - we’re here for you.

If a listening ear and a dose of encouragement over a beer sounds like a winning combination—look no further. We’ve launched BrewPastors with you in mind. So whether you’re seeking peace amidst the storms of life, searching for life purpose or just need a safe-place to share your story or shed a tear—you’ve got what it takes and we’re in this together!

It's pretty simple: We love God, love people, and love craft beer.

God continues to be on the move here in Stark County, Ohio. We acknowledge that! We sense the Spirit’s guidance and direction in launching the BrewPastors movement here, partnering with local pastors, leaders, and churches to meet people where they are. This happens simply by removing some of the barriers that are keeping people from connecting. Informal focus groups have amplified the need and willingness for people to meet-up and chat about life and faith issues over a beer at their favorite watering hole. BrewPastors are people who facilitate these life-changing conversations. Limited Founding Partnership opportunities available. Let’s chat!
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Encouragement for when life is hard.

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